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We pride ourselves for our ability to meet any demand of any surgeon. So if you don't see what you are looking for, just send us an email about what you are looking for and we will work on getting that instrument in your hands.


Broach Handles

We offer 4 distinct styles of broach handles to conform with approaches such as the Direct Superior Approach and the Anterior Approach. All 4 styles are available with most connection styles from MicroPort, Globus, Smith & Nephew and more.

Shell Reamers

Our shell reamers offer some of the lightest and smallest designs for increased ease of use and wound site visibility.

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Odin Straight Cup Inserter_edited.jpg

Cup Impactors

Pair your Odin Surgical Shell Reamer with a Cup impactor made to fit your system, from Conformis to NextStep and many more.



Complete your order with add-ons from surgical trays, custom pelican cases and different style strike plates.

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